Previous Minnesota Governor Decides to Open Cannabis Brand

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The former Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura, has decided to launch his own cannabis brand once the state signs the legalization bill into law.

Jesse Ventura, the former Minnesota Governor, is making plans to launch his own cannabis brand once the state enacts the new cannabis legalization law. Ventura has mentioned that he would like to be “first major politician in America” (1) to have a cannabis brand in his likeness.

The former Minnesota Governor, has been a long advocate for cannabis reform and was close to his side when the current Governor Tim Walz (D) signed the legalization bill into law in May. Ventura has asserted himself into the cannabis space by saying Montana will have the “best cannabis in the world” (1,2).

“I want involvement in this. I want involvement in the state of Minnesota,” Ventura stated (1). “Minnesota grown, Minnesota produced and promoted by Minnesota’s governor, or former.”


“One personal thing for me on this is this: I want to be the first major politician in America who puts his likeness, face and everything behind cannabis,” he added (1). “This is an ego thing for me. I want to have my name considered with cannabis.” Ventura is saying this is because he doesn’t want the cannabis market dominated by large out-of-state corporations and really wants to see Minnesota succeed in the cannabis industry.

“I would prefer to do Minnesota—put my name with Minnesota companies and make cannabis a prosperous business in Minnesota by Minnesotans, keeping the money in Minnesota,” the former governor and professional wrestler said (1). “We’ve always been a great farm state. There is no doubt Minnesota can produce corn, we can produce wheat—we can also produce the best cannabis in the world too. There’s no doubt we can do that also.”

Ventura is also a Navy veteran and emphasized that he shares similar views to one of the popular cannabis icons, Tommy Chong, where he believes that “the entire plant is medical no matter what you choose to use it for,” (1). The former Governor is a Minnesota medical cannabis patient and has mentioned that he consumes his cannabis by vaping to treat non-specific neuropathy in his feet. This is a health condition which can cause an uncomfortable tingling sensation, numbness, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Cannabis has been a tool that has helped him sleep through the discomfort the condition causes.

Becoming an advocate for the plant didn’t just start with his condition, decades ago, Ventura’s wife was diagnosed with a serious seizure disorder, and she was not responding well to pharmaceuticals the doctors were prescribing. In order to help his wife, Ventura broke the law and took his wife to Colorado to get cannabis oil from a friend. This was before Minnesota had legalized medical cannabis and didn’t have a medical cannabis program.

Once the former first lady began using cannabis, she never suffered from another seizure. Ventura mentioned that insurance companies will cover pharmaceuticals but would not cover cannabis which was very frustrating (1).


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