Pennsylvania Lawmakers Propose Liquor Stores Sell Cannabis and Other Legislative Changes

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A new bill is aiming to allow Pennsylvania liquor stores to sell recreational cannabis.

Pennsylvania lawmakers are working on three proposals hoping to achieve a variety of objectives: legalizing recreational cannabis, delivering social justice to individuals with minor cannabis convictions, and maximizing the economic benefits of a billion-dollar industry (1). With these bills, legislators hope to pave the way for a more equitable and flourishing future.

Two co-sponsorship memos are circulating the rounds in both the House and Senate. These memos are backed by State Senator Marty Flynn (D) of Lackawanna/Lehigh and State Representative David Delloso (D) of Delaware and propose approving the sale of cannabis through state-owned liquor stores. Strict age restrictions would be enforced to ensure cannabis products are only possessed and used by adults aged 21 and over. Included in these proposals is also allowing Pennsylvanian residents to grow and process up to six cannabis plants for personal use.


If cannabis sales are processed through the state system, the commonwealth would then secure a monopoly on both liquor and cannabis sales while also supporting the use of union labor. Delloso and Flynn’s proposals would be a step helping to foster greater economic equity and workers’ rights in their state of Pennsylvania.

State Representatives Donna Bullock (D) of Philadelphia and Dan Frankel (D) of Allegheny, are leading a new memo which targets generating revenue, safeguarding customers, economic equity, promoting social justice, and preventing substance abuse.

Both Bullock and Frankel feel that it is time to focus on a new perspective on the regulation and taxation of cannabis. With their proposal, the representatives would like to enhance the health and overall welfare of the citizens of Pennsylvania.

Through these various legislative measures, the stigma surrounding cannabis in the state of Pennsylvania, may begin to disappear.