Overview of the 2022 Cannabis Science Fair from MCR Labs: “A New Showcase for Cannabis Research”

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In partnership with the Cannabis Center of Excellence, MCR Labs Massachusetts held their second “Cannabis Science Fair” on the afternoon of December 3rd, 2022, as the final event of their Science Over Stigma campaign.

On December 3rd from 12-5pm, MCR Labs held their second annual “Cannabis Science Fair” at Harvard University’s Science Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts (1). The Cannabis Center of Excellence, a non-profit organization that conducts studies and programs covering various aspects in the cannabis industry, was the community partner. Reservations were required for this free event. The Cannabis Science Fair was the final event in MCR Lab’s Science Over Stigma campaign, which advocated for open discussions on cannabis science and research, and how to use this collective knowledge to build policies, legislature, and cultivation best practices backed by data rather than by stigma or misconceptions (2).

“After such a great response last year, we are stoked to present new, exciting research and innovation at this year’s fair,” said Melissa Kenton, MCR Lab’s Events and Outreach Manager and the main organizer behind the event. “There is a huge demand and curiosity for more information on cannabis, and we are happy to provide a venue for professionals in the field to share their knowledge (3).”


The event included an open exhibit floor and two half-hour keynote presentations. The first keynote was given by Dr. Staci Gruber, Director of Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery (MIND) Program at McLean Hospital, and was titled “What to Keep in MIND: Recreational vs. Medical Cannabis.” The second keynote was given by Harvard Postdoctoral Fellow Jeff Rawson and was titled “Is Misinformation Common in Cannabis Markets?” (3). Several scientists from MCR Labs also presented research conducted on topics ranging from the effects of growing environment on cannabis to the relationship between phosphorus and arsenic in the plant (3).

MCR Labs is the first independent cannabis testing laboratory to be certified by the state of Massachusetts and offers analytical testing and research and development services to licensed cannabis producers, patients, doctors, researchers, or anyone crafting their own homegrown cannabis products (4).

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