Noid Factoid from Episode 18

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Listen to a Noid Factoid from Steve Ellmore, veteran, filmmaker, and founder of the nonprofit The Unprescribed.

On this month’s episode, we are joined by Steve Ellmore, veteran, filmmaker, and founder of The Unprescribed. Here, Steve shares how he created the incredible film Unprescribed, his knowledge and research surrounding veterans access to medical cannabis, his mission to help others through his non-profit, and more. Below, Steve shares a quick Noid Factoid with us!


Transcription: Hi, my name is Steve Ellmore, I’m the founder of The Unprescribed nonprofit, and my Noid Factoid is that marijuana has been linked to enhanced runners’ high and lower pain during exercise. Researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder surveyed 49 runners, asking them to rate various aspects of runs after consuming cannabis and without using it. The study, published last week in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, found that participants experienced less negative effect, greater feelings of positive effect, tranquility, enjoyment and disassociation, and more runners’ high symptoms during their cannabis versus non cannabis runs. Results suggest that acute cannabis use may be associated with a more positive exercise experience among regular cannabis users, it concludes. And I concur with that because I'm an active runner and it really does work.

Read a preview of Steve explaining how his career path led him to where he is today:

“I never thought I'd find myself living and breathing cannabis 24/7, but it became a part of my life shortly after I had left the Air Force. I'm 20 years military, retired, and I had a suicide attempt while I was on active duty. I had tried cannabis before I joined the military, but upon joining, it was drilled into your head that it was this career killer, this totally evil thing that that's just has no positive effects and everything, and you buy into that and you abstain from it.

After I got out, veterans were telling me about work they were doing with cannabis, for veterans, for different types of trauma, PTSD for one thing. And they were also talking about treatment for TBI [traumatic brain injury] and football players. It inspired me and they asked me to do a documentary about it. Fast forward, they didn't have the budget for that documentary, but they had already planted the seed in me, excuse the pun.”

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