NK-2 Series Oil-Filled Submersible Pump

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The NK-2 Series is a small oil-filled submersible pump that is permanently lubricated for reliability and low maintenance.

This small oil-filled submersible pump works relentlessly, making it the perfect solution for hydroponics, aquariums, swimming pools, water displays, ice makers, air conditioners, boat bailing, and fuel oil transfer applications. It's also the perfect workhorse for recirculating water for welding and pipe threading machines or pumping mild chemicals such as soap solutions, acids, plating solutions, and fertilizers.

Features & Benefits

  • 1/40 hp, oil-filled motor
  • Motor housing with a dielectric lubricant for optimum motor heat transfer
  • Lifetime lubrication of the bearings
  • Corrosion-resistant nylon body
  • 12.3' maximum lift
  • 1/4" MNPT discharge