New York State Cannabis Control Board Unexpectedly Cancels Meeting Discussing Homegrown Rules and Licenses

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In a shocking move, the New York State Cannabis Control Board cancelled a monthly meeting that was set to discuss rules on home growing and new license applications.

New York’s cannabis industry is experiencing some challenges with moving forward. The New York State’s Cannabis Control Board cancelled their monthly meeting which was originally supposed to take place on January 24, 2024. This meeting was planning to take up and examine homegrown laws, research license applications, and new retail license applications (1). Cannabis’s rollout in the Big Apple State has been painfully slow for consumers and businesses.

“The Cannabis Control Board … has decided to postpone the meeting to finalize review of adult-use license applications currently under consideration for approval by the board,” the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) said in their statement (1). “While we have a batch of licenses ready for approval, there are many more we want to get across the finish line to jumpstart New York’s cannabis market in 2024.”


According to their statement, license applications were being “held up by lawsuits from corporate interests,” (1). Times Union mentions one of the reasons for the slow rollout has been because of litigation (1). Previously, regulators were suspected of not offering the same equal priority under the state’s law (Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act [MRTA]). Four service-disabled veterans filed a lawsuit against the Cannabis Control Board and Office of Cannabis Management claiming that they had not received the same equal opportunity because licenses were being given to individuals that had prior cannabis convictions (2,3). This lawsuit was settled in November 2023 (2) but that hasn’t helped ease New York’s cannabis market.

Regarding the cancelled January meeting, no information has been provided other than the need to review adult-use license applications.

Times Union explained that (1),“If there are further delays with the homegrow regulations, or issues that may extend any public comment period if they are approved in February, it could imperil the ability of anyone 21 or older to lawfully cultivate their own plants during the upcoming growing season — which will be the fourth outdoor growing season since the law that legalized the drug in New York was passed in 2021.”

New York’s rollout has been experiencing a rocky start and and it remains to be seen whether the cancelled Cannabis Control Board meeting causes further delays or frustrations to the state's cannabis industry.


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