New Vacuum Pumps

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These new vacuum pumps are chemically resistant and are oil-free.

Today we are revealing the secret of our revolutionary new vacuum pumps!

  • VACUU·PURE 10C chemically resistant version for aggressive gases and vapors
  • VACUU·PURE 10 for non-corrosive processes

These new vacuum pumps - based on the principle of the screw pumps - offers pure vacuum in the 10-3 mbar range. It is 100% oil-free, does not produce abrasion and is designed without wear parts.

VACUU·PURE is ideal for use in a wide range of processes – from vacuum drying, freeze drying, degassing, coating, distillation, Schlenk lines and analysis to backing vacuum for turbo pumps.

Find out how VACUU·PURE can benefit your application: Learn more.

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