New Jersey’s Union College Tackles Workforce Demand Through New Cannabis Training Programs

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Union College located in Union County, New Jersey, has partnered with Green Flower to create cannabis training programs to help meet with the industry’s workforce demand.

As the cannabis industry continues to unfold, numerous educational establishments, seek to help meet the demand it creates. Located in Cranford, Union County, New Jersey, Union College is opening new doors for its students through their three non-credit cannabis training programs (1). These cannabis certificate programs are meant to aid those individuals who are interested in a cannabis career and providing them job skills training to better prepare them for the workforce.

Union College has partnered with Green Flower, one of the top cannabis education providers, to implement the training programs which will have a focus on cannabis extraction, retail specialist training, cultivation, and product development.

“The cannabis field is a rapidly growing industry. With the legalization of recreational marijuana use in New Jersey, it is important to educate our community on the process of producing and selling cannabis products in a legal and ethical way,” Union’s President Dr. Margaret M. McMenamin commented (1). “The partnership with Green Flower will provide our students the tools to learn about the cannabis industry and the many ways to pursue a career, with the use of Green Flower’s network.”


“Green Flower is thrilled to be partnering with Union College of Union County New Jersey to offer our three-cannabis industry training certificate programs. As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, leaders from the college looked to find ways for students to become qualified to work in cannabis retail, extraction and product development, and agriculture environments. The growth of New Jersey’s cannabis industry will be due, in large part, to a well-trained workforce,” Daniel Kalef, Executive Vice President of Higher Education for Green Flower, said (1).

The cannabis industry is suffering from a crucial need for workers. Businesses are actively seeking to fill roles, from the smallest entry-level positions to the highest executive positions. Through Union College’s training programs, it will help future employees stand out from the competition to employers.

“Like other highly regulated industries, the need to have expertise in material handling, quality control, patient care, security, transportation, horticulture and more, is vital to the success of all aspects of the industry and all things people will learn in these programs,” Kalef mentioned (1).

The cannabis training programs will be offered online and take two months to complete. Courses could be registered and started at any time. Once the certificate has been completed, graduates will be able to access Green Flower’s employer network (1). For those interested in taking these courses, they will be offered for $850 each To learn more please visit:


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