New Impact Technologies, Inc. Commits to Pandemic Pricing

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New Impact Technologies, Inc. has chosen to commit to pandemic pricing for cannabis analytical laboratories to help mitigate shrinking profits.

New Impact Technologies, Inc. is committing to pandemic pricing for cannabis analytical laboratories to mitigate shrinking profits.

New Impact Technologies (NIT) is a global supplier of quality lab supplies at affordable prices. We carefully source our products to ensure our high standards are met and our clients are 100% satisfied. We have made a commitment to serve the growing numberof cannabis testing laboratories with everyday laboratory disposables and reagents forsample preparation and analytical techniques.

Being mindful of the economic impact of the Covid 19 global pandemic on all labs, we are offering discounts on all syringe filters, sampling vials, QuEChERs, SPE cartridges, PCR tubes and many other materials in analytical chemistry and molecularbiology/microbiology labs. By keeping a low overhead, we can afford to compete against the most established suppliers.

We also go the extra mile to promote customer loyalty in a variety of ways. For example, if you do not see an item you are looking for we will find it for you at the best rate. Similarly, if we have a product that doesn’t quite meet your requirements, we may be able to customize it for you. By stocking our inventory with your favorite materials and reagents, we stay competitive in turn around time and convenience.

Finally and most importantly, our core values are also why we are doing business in the first place. We see ourselves as committed partners to our customers because we recognize our mutual interdependence especially during economic downturns such as this current period. We want to ensure that ours and our customers’ businesses survive the adverse economic effects of the pandemic.

Our goal is to supply you with exactly what your lab needs and to keep you fully stocked year-round at a price that is right for you.

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