New Hampshire Begins to Allow Out-of-State Visitors to Purchase Medical Cannabis

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New Hampshire allows out-of-state visitors, including those from Canada, to buy medical cannabis.

Beginning June 28, New Hampshire (NH) started to allow visitors from other states and Canada the option to buy medical cannabis from one of their seven Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) up to 3 times a year (1).

Individuals will have to have at least one of the qualifying conditions (2) recognized by the state to be able to purchase medical cannabis.


Those interested must also show a valid ID with a medical cannabis card or other documentation. Purchases in NH will be limited to 2 ounces of medical cannabis within a 10-day period. “Sanctuary, an ATC with locations in Conway and Plymouth, is celebrating the development by offering out-of-state shoppers a $50 credit for their first two purchases of more than $50 or more,” (1).

NH’s medical cannabis program was approved in 2013. Sales didn’t begin in the state though until 2016.

Unfortunately, adult-use cannabis legalization efforts have stalled after the NH Senate voted against the measure.


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