New Developments in Missouri Cannabis Products Recall

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The state’s Department of Health and Senior Services released an update to the recall initiated two months ago.

In August 2023, the Missouri Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR), part of the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services, recalled 62,000 cannabis products from manufacturer, Delta Extraction, LLC, stating that the products potentially could be harmful to public health (1,2,3). “The recalled products were not compliantly tracked in the statewide track and trace system (METRC) in order for DCR to verify the products came from marijuana grown in Missouri or that the product passed required testing prior to being sold at dispensaries,” the initial mandatory recall stated (4). It provided a list of the products and encouraged consumers to discard, return, or discontinue using the products (4).

On October 20, 2023, the DCR issued a notice updating the status of some of the affected products (1). “The products presented a potential threat to public health and public safety because the licensee was manufacturing marijuana products that contained THC sourced from cannabis grown outside of the Missouri regulated market,” stated the notice regarding the recalled products (1). After reviewing the affected products, about 15,000 of them were deemed acceptable to be removed from the recall list, as they contained tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that was verified to be from the Missouri regulated market (1,3).


In a state with a $1 billion cannabis market, the recall has reportedly cost Missouri businesses millions in unsold products (2,5). Operators have seen some of the products cleared for sale, then put on a hold, and then subsequently cleared again (5).

The DRC will provide further guidance on the remaining products, the October notice stated (1).

“Having no communication as far as the timeline makes it nearly impossible to operate,” said Sean Clarkson, Chief Strategy Officer of Dark Horse Medicinals, which carried the recalled products (5).


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