New Data on Connecticut Cannabis Sales

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Recreational cannabis was approved in the state in June 2021, sales began at the beginning of 2023, and medical cannabis has been legal since 2012.

In a statement (1) dated July 10, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection released data concerning sales of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes as collected through its Seed-to-Sale Tracking System.

In the month of June, recreational cannabis sales totaled $12.5 million (1). When combined with the $11.3 million in sales for medical purposes, the total amount of cannabis sales last month in the state totaled close to $24 million (1). In comparison, recreational sales and medical sales for January 2023 totaled $5.1 million and $8 million respectively (1). The statement did note that medical cannabis patients do not pay taxes on their products (1).


Also included was data on the types of products purchased. “In the first six months of sales, 53 percent of sales were usable cannabis, or flower, while vapes made up 25 percent of sales,” the statement also explained (1) “Edible products represented 10 percent of sales.”

The statement also noted that medical cannabis sales in the state were not required to be tracked prior to January 10, 2023 (1).


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