New CC-LLE Custom Cannabinoid Separation Platform Launches with SciPhy Systems and Zaiput

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SciPhy Systems, one of the leading innovators of cannabis extraction, processing, and purification technology, announced the launch of its new cannabinoid separation platform using Counter-Current Liquid Liquid Extraction (CC-LLE) with Zaiput separators.

Extractors use the Zaiput platform to perform virtually any cannabinoid separation, custom-tailored to their business’ exact desired process. The result is a scalable, predictable, highly efficient separation that can lower the price of core operations for many extraction labs. Proven separations include D8/D9 cleanup, THC remediation, minor cannabinoid purification, and pesticide remediation. These real-world results show that the platform is capable of achieving high levels of separation with minimal loss of (and damage to) cannabinoids. More processes are being validated as customers adopt the technology.

The collaboration began with a period of R&D between SciPhy Systems and Zaiput Flow Technologies that leveraged SciPhy Systems cannabinoid extraction knowledge, and Zaiput’s groundbreaking CC-LLE technology advancements (which are currently being applied to multiple industries). Together, the two firms identified the broad reaching use cases for Zaiput separators in the cannabinoid manufacturing industry. The firms subsequently validated and patented the separation of cannabinoids using Zaiput separators. The patented process is now available for custom optimization and licensing by cannabis operators. SciPhy Systems acts as the exclusive vendor and licensing agent for the new technology.

The CC-LLE process uses a series of Zaiput’s unique membrane based separators to create a counter-current mixing and separation of two immiscible liquids, allowing for selective and safe separation of cannabinoids and other compounds at high resolution. Zaiput separates cannabinoids as similar as Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC Isomers, or remediates THC from highly valued minor cannabinoids such as CBC, or CBD-V, and more.

Customers benefit from Zaiput’s advanced wet-lab capabilities. Product samples are run through an accelerated solvent system tuning of their LLE process. The tuning process provides a custom-tailored, scalable, efficient, and cost-effective method for developing users’ cannabinoids separation processes. It expressly reduces the cost of processes usually performed with chromatography and other expensive approaches, and does it in a small, manageable footprint Real world data informs the construction of a system specifically fit to their process requirements, at the lowest cost. This is a revolutionary step forward for many processors, as Zaiput allows them a clear path to predictable, efficient processing and resulting increased profitability after their tuning period.

“SciPhy Systems CEO Emmett McGregor said, “We have spoken with many processors in the industry who have struggled with the high operating costs of Prep-HPLC and the mechanical unreliability of Centrifugal Partition Chromatography. With Zaiput we found an ideal combination of mechanical simplicity, while maintaining the cost benefits and adaptability of Liquid Liquid Extraction. Our new patented process will make cannabinoid separations more accessible and reliable for sophisticated manufacturers of cannabinoid ingredients and products, while leaving the door open for a huge range of potential LLE applications on the same hardware in the future.”

This launch represents a significant advancement in the field of cannabis extraction and purification. With Zaiput CC-LLE, operators can reduce the cost of their processes, and develop new processes for their extraction business.

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