New CBD Study Launched by NC AMVETS Service Foundation

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NC AMVETS Service Foundation is conducting a new CBD study aimed on veterans with the University of Northern Colorado and Vantage Hemp Co.

A new cannabidiol (CBD) study is being launched through the NC AMVETS Service Foundation, “a 501(c)(3) extension of the state’s most inclusive congressionally chartered veterans service organization”, as stated in the company’s press release (1). NC AMVETS Service Foundation’s goal of this clinical study is to gather data on the efficacy of CBD for veterans in the United States (US). The veterans service organization will be working in collaboration with the University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, Colorado) and Vantage Hemp Co., “a globally accredited plant-based extractor and finished product manufacturer”, (1). Research gathered during this initiative will help provide a clearer picture on how CBD affects veterans and how it is being used to address a variety of issues veterans deal with.

This experiment will be including a placebo-controlled section which will utilize a daily fixed dose of CBD over the course of 28 days (1). In the press release, they mention that (1), “The study's goal will be to assess the effect of CBD on several parameters that negatively impact the day-to-day activities of veterans. An additional goal of the study will involve surveying veterans regarding their lived experiences with CBD.” Results collected from the investigation are expected to help advocacy efforts for future CBD research and also provide the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with data for them to make more informed decisions (1).


Vantage Hemp Co. is assisting in helping the study by providing $100,000 (1). $50,000 of these funds are in cash and the remaining $50,000 will be given in in-kind services. The University of Northern Colorado will be offering their expertise and also guarantee “the study's scientific rigor and validity,” (1).

“This research initiative was developed in the pursuit of supporting and improving the lives of America’s veterans,” William Clark, AMVETS National Commander, said (1). “We are extremely grateful for the support of UNC and Vantage as their contributions will help provide meaningful results and catalyze well-informed decisions.”

This organized collaboration shows the support for further CBD research and will assist veterans in getting the help they need through CBD. If veterans are interested in participating in the study, please contact or click here (2).


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