New Cannabis Podcast Focused on Science

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Agricultural Genomics Foundation (AGF), a nonprofit dedicated to scientific cannabis research has sponsored a new podcast called “Cannabis Science Today,” which will focus on the scientific and medical research in the cannabis field. Each episode will reportedly be a conversational, wide-ranging interview with a notable scientist or physician researching cannabis. The podcast is available to play on the Agricultural Genomics Foundation website and for download on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play.

Emily Fata is the host of the podcast as well as one of AGF’s board members and a business development consultant and writer who examines trends in cannabis science and business. The podcast will reportedly cover the fields of neuroscience, psychology, medicine, and biology. The first seven episodes are available now:


  • Episode 1: Terpenes are King featuring Dr. Cindy Orser, Chief Science Officer for Digipath Labs and one of AGF’s board members

  • Episode 2: Treating Epilepsy with Whole Plant Cannabis featuring Dr. Barbara Brett Green, Psychology professor at Colorado State University

  • Episode 3: Treating Epilepsy with Pharmaceutical CBD featuring Dr. Catherine Jacobson, Neuroscientist and VP of Regulatory Medical Affairs at Tilray

  • Episode 4: Cannabis & Cognition featuring Dr. Cinnamon Bidwell, the founder and director of University of Colorado (CU) Center for Research and Education Addressing Cannabinoids and Health (CU REACH) and also the co-founder of the mobile lab Cannavan

  • Episode 5: Sativa or Indica: Unlocking the Cannabis Genome featuring Dr. Daniela Vergara, an evolutionary biologist, founder, and director of AGF and cofounder of the Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative (CGRI) at CU

  • Episode 6: CBD & Stress featuring Dr. Monika Fleshner, neuroscientists at CU Boulder.

  • Episode 7: Innovation in Cannabis featuring Jon Vaught, CEO of FrontRange Biosciences

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