Nebraska Poll Shows 70% of Respondents Are in Favor of Medical Cannabis Legalization

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A Nebraska poll highlighted that 70% of respondents were in favor of medical cannabis legalization.

A recent poll revealed that 70% of respondents were supportive and in favor of legalizing medical cannabis in Nebraska (1). From the data, it was found that a bulk of the participants wanted a different option to the state’s Income, property, and sales taxes.

The Nebraska Examiner reported (1), that the poll was performed for the Neilan Strategy Group and was similar to a previous poll done by another group who is looking to list the topic of medical cannabis legalization on the 2024 ballot. In 2022 (1), the Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana conducted a poll which disclosed that 80% of registered voters were in support of cannabis legalization.

“Nebraskans are clearly ready to legalize medical marijuana,” Perre Neilan of Neilan Strategy Group said (1).


Crista Eggers of Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana discussed with the Nebraska Examiner (1), that she was “not surprised ‘whatsoever’ by the poll results” and what results have previously been reported in past polls. “Nebraskans are obviously ready to legalize medicinal cannabis,” Eggers commented (1).

The Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana organization has been repeatedly attempting to get medical cannabis legalization on a ballot for registered voters to debate on (1). Unfortunately, the Nebraska Legislature has not been supportive of such measures.

The requirements to qualify to be on the ballot, is for the initiative to obtain 86,000 registered voter signatures and gather signers from an estimate of 5% of voters located in 38 of Nebraska’s 93 counties (1).

As of February 19, 2024, Eggers reported to the Nebraska Examiner (1), that the group, Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana, obtained over 32,000 signatures and potentially qualified in 24 counties. “We’re very excited about where we’re at,” Eggers exclaimed (1). “This time, we’re going to get it done or it is not going to happen.”

The EPIC Option Consumption Tax is another initiative looking to make its way onto the 2024 ballot. This tax measure would take the place of local property taxes, as well as, all state sales and income taxes (1).The proposal would amend the Nebraska Constitution and requires over 124,000 signatures and qualify in 38 counties (1).

Data from the Neilan Strategy Group poll found that 54% were in support of the EPIC tax and 30% of participants “definitely” supported the measure (1). The poll was managed by Data Targeting Inc. located in Gainesvulle, Florida, and utilized a participant pool of 2,198 “likely” general election voters between February 7-9, 2024 (1). According to Data Targeting Inc., the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.1%.


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