MyFloraDNA’s CEO, Angel Fernandez, Has the Honor of Being Selected as Chief Editor of a New Book by Taylor & Francis

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MyFloraDNA Inc., a biotech laboratory specializing in plant sciences, announced that its Co-Founder and CEO, Angel Fernandez, will be the chief editor of a new book by the prestigious international academic publisher Taylor & Francis. They will release the first edition, The Cannabis Genome: Genetics, Genomics, and Breeding, in February/March 2023.

Dr. Angel Fernandez, a Ph.D., plant scientist at the University of Berkeley, will also have the honor of co-editing this book with Prof. Jaime Prohens, one of the first scientists with whom he worked in the field of cannabis genomics. Additionally, the book will include chapters written by highly reputed researchers in the field.

Abstract: Cannabis gained approval because the public has a current interest in it for industrial and medicinal uses. A book providing information on the specifics of genomics in the cannabis industry seems only appropriate to fill in gaps in current literature and shed light on newly discovered information while educating the public.

The book includes 17 chapters that cover the most relevant and hot topics in cannabis genetics and genomics. The first set of chapters provides information on the origin and taxonomy of Cannabis. The second group of chapters deals with breeding and includes genetic resources, cultivation systems, breeding techniques, as well as the use of markers and in vitro culture plant breeding. This will be followed by a set of chapters on -omics, including genomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics. At the beginning of the book, biotic stress and abiotic stress are two topics first glanced at. Then after, there are other chapters in the book that talk about the chemical composition of Cannabis and Cannabis pharmacology.

About MyFloraDNA Inc.: MyFloraDNA, founded in 2019, is a biotech laboratory startup based in Woodland, California. It is committed to bringing the latest plant science to the cannabis industry. MyFloraDNA is focused on developing genomic analytical tools for more sustainable and productive agriculture. The company is innovating precision tools by taking advantage of DNA sequencing technologies, intelligent computing, and pathogen detection to provide value to the cannabis community.