Mother Earth Wellness: A Farm-to-Table Cannabis Experience

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Join us for this video interview to learn more about the 2023 CSC Fall Canna Boot Camp host facility, Mother Earth Wellness!

Mother Earth Wellness, a vertically integrated cannabis operator in Rhode Island, will host this year’s Canna Boot Camp on September 20, 2023. Here, Mike Verret, the Director of Marketing at Mother Earth Wellness, gives us a behind the scenes look at their Pawtucket facility, plans for the future, what Canna Boot Camp attendees can expect to learn, and more.


Too busy to watch the video? Here is a small piece transcribed for reading:

We're so excited that you'll be hosting the Canna Boot Camp at this year's Cannabis Science Conference Fall! Can you tell us a little about Mother Earth Wellness?

Mike Verret: Recreational cannabis is new in Rhode Island, but the medical program has been around for a while, and the owners of Mother Earth saw a vision for something that was truly built on the idea of seed-to-smoke—how you bring something from that kind of farm-to-table freshness. So, a vertically integrated business model was created where we're able to cultivate, process, and sell on the same property. Eventually we'd love to explore consumption.

The insight here is that we set up Mother Earth perfectly for the recreational and medical market and we built it all at once. What that allows us to do is control our message and control the product that's getting out the door, but also work with a number of cultivators and providers in Rhode Island. So just for awareness, there's somewhere around 50—I'm probably not doing the number perfect justice—cultivators, processors, or people who wholesale the product to dispensaries, and we want to work with a lot of them. That's how we're set up.

What really makes us unique, though, is that the model across the country—with the exception of maybe Las Vegas and California—is very much of a Department of Motor Vehicles experience where you walk in the door, you're ushered into a queue and eventually you get up to the front, they say “next,” and you walk up to the counter and place your order. What we set out to do was the antithesis of that, something where you come in and it's a full experience. You browse and you see and can touch things and the staff is on the floor to help you out and talk you through different things. If you're looking for a certain kind of flavor or experience or THC content, we're there to help you. Every customer and patient who comes in has the opportunity to go to our Flower Bar where we have every strain we carry in clear cubes and holes at the top where they can actually shake it and smell. There's a plunger on the side to blow the air out so they can see and smell what they're getting and learn more about the flower along the way. And what we see it as is an experience in our dispensary. That's what's missing in the market.

So, that's what we created and we've got some wonderful advantages in that way. We’re located directly off of the highway, not in an industrial park or 20 minutes in the woods. The quality that we command is what is going to keep us where we are moving towards the top and eventually be the destination for cannabis in Rhode Island and even the surrounding states. Because we can deliver on the quality of the experience and just what people get from it goes well beyond standing in line.