Missouri Dedicates $17 Million in Cannabis Revenue to Veteran Services

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Missouri will transfer $17 million from its cannabis programs to the Missouri Veterans Commission to support veterans' health care and services, following the success of both medical and adult-use cannabis programs in the state.

According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) (1), the state agency is reporting that $13 million will be transferred from the state’s medical cannabis program to the Missouri Veterans Commission. These funds will be utilized to supply health care and other services to military veterans and their families.

In November 2022 (1), Missouri voters agreed to legalize adult-use cannabis. From their adult-use program, approximately another $4 million will be transferred to veteran services, totaling their funds received to nearly $17 million. Marijuana Moment mentioned that three agencies each were able to receive $1,278,973 (1). Those organizations were “the Veterans Commission to fund health care and other services for military veterans and their dependent families, the state public defender’s office for legal assistance for low-income people, and DHSS itself to increase access to drug treatment, overdose prevention and recovery services,” (1).


“It’s incredible that Missouri voters passed the adult use amendment less than one year ago, and we are now starting to see the financial impact the program’s success will have on multiple organizations and the Missourians they serve,” Amy Moore, director of DHSS’s Division of Cannabis Regulation, commented in a recent statement (1).

Paul Kirchhoff, executive director of the Missouri Veterans Commission, stated that the money (1), “will help MVC continue to support the existing infrastructure of our seven Veterans Homes.”

In 2018, Missouri created their medical cannabis program (1). Since its’ launch, the program has transferred almost $40 million to veteran funds. In the state, dispensary sales didn’t begin until 2020. Decreed by Missouri state law, medical cannabis products that are sold at licensed dispensaries will be taxed by 4%. There is a provision that requires “that any money collected that exceeds the cost of administering the program be disbursed to the Veterans Commission,” (1).


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