Minnesota’s Saint Paul College to Become First Community College to Provide Students with Cannabis Education Certificate Programs

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Saint Paul College is partnering up with Green Flower to offer cannabis education certificate programs.

In a recent press release (1,2), Saint Paul College (Saint Paul, Minnesota) announced their partnership with Green Flower, a cannabis education provider. Together, the school and cannabis education company will offer students three certificate program opportunities (1,2). With the three courses, interested students will learn about the cannabis industry, as well as, skills that will assist them in their future careers.

“Education is critical to ensuring social justice and equity in the cannabis industry,” Deidra Peaslee, President of Saint Paul College, stated (1,2). “By offering these unique certificate programs, Saint Paul College commits to challenging the systemic inequities that have historically been associated with the cannabis industry. We recognize the importance of education in providing opportunities and breaking down barriers for individuals who might have been negatively impacted by previous cannabis-related laws. These programs reflect the college's commitment to inclusivity by ensuring that all members of society are equipped with the knowledge and skills to participate fully and benefit equitably from the burgeoning industry.”


The community college will provide students the below certificates (1,2):

  • Cannabis Cultivation Specialist Certificate
  • Cannabis Retail Specialist Certificate
  • Cannabis Extraction & Product Development Specialist Certificate

Students interested in the offerings will need to be 18 years old or older. Each certificate will be nine-weeks and were created by top leaders within the cannabis industry (1,2). Recreational cannabis was legalized in Minnesota back in August 2023 (3) and became the 23rd state to legalize the plant (1,2).

“Green Flower is thrilled to partner with Saint Paul College to offer our three-cannabis industry training certificate programs. Saint Paul College is our first community college partner in the State of Minnesota, and we couldn’t be more excited at the opportunity. Their history and commitment to help working adults find and build new careers is second to none in the State and region, as evidenced by being ranked in the top-ten community colleges in the country,” Daniel Kalef, Green Flower Chief Growth Officer, commented (1,2). “Like other highly regulated industries, the need to have expertise in material handling, quality control, patient care, security, transportation and more, is vital to the success of all aspects of the industry and all things people will learn in these programs. We are very excited to partner with Saint Paul College to offer these courses and are excited to begin offering them to the public.”

To learn more about Saint Paul College’s cannabis certificate programs, please visit (1,2,4):


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