Major UK Medical Cannabis Provider Signs Distribution Deal with JMCC

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JMCC Group partners with LYPHE Group Limited to serve medical cannabis patients in the United Kingdom.

Fresh after the announcement of becoming a distribution partner for Australasia (1) and a United Kingdom (UK)/European Union (EU) distribution hub on the Channel Island of Jersey (2), the Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation (JMCC) Group is now teaming up with the London-based LYPHE Group Limited to serve patients in the United Kingdom. The LYPHE Group currently supports more than 60% of the British patient market. With the newly signed agreement, LYPHE will distribute JMCC’s good manufacturing practice (GMP)-certified medical cannabis throughout the UK (3).

JMCC’s sustainable, greenhouse-grown products will be shipped from their cultivation and processing facilities in Jamaica to its new, state-of-the-art distribution center on the Channel Island of Jersey and on to LYPHE Group’s Dispensary Green for distribution to their UK patients. The LYPHE Group also has plans to distribute JMCC products to patients through its clinic in Jersey.


LYPHE and JMCC are both partners in Project Twenty21, which is a patient registry sponsored by Drug Science (4), the leading independent scientific body on drugs in the UK. Project Twenty21 is creating the UK’s largest body of evidence for the effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis, to be able to secure National Health Service (NHS) funding of prescriptions for patients whom the benefits of treatment with medicinal cannabis is proven to outweigh the potential risks.

EU GMP-certified medical cannabis from JMCC will be supplied to patients registered in the Project Twenty21 program in Q2 2021. They will be the only Canadian company and exclusive supplier from the Caribbean region. LYPHE Group’s The Medical Cannabis Clinics (TMCC), operates a national network of doctors with leading expertise in consulting and prescribing for medical cannabis patients. TMCC has been supporting Project Twenty21 patients through its virtual clinic platform.

“At the core of JMCC’s philosophy is ensuring the highest possible quality and a reliable, seamless experience for patients. We’re delighted that our newest partner is one that is so well positioned to help ensure that patients across the UK will receive that seamless, consistent experience with JMCC medical cannabis products,” said Diane Scott, JMCC Group Chair & CEO. “LYPHE has already earned the trust of thousands of patients for the very high level of knowledge and advice about cannabis-based medical products its prescribers provide as well as ongoing care and support.”

“While patients in the UK are continuing to struggle with both access to and affordability of medical cannabis, they’re also becoming increasingly knowledgeable and demanding about safety, quality and consistency,” said Jonathan Nadler, LYPHE Group Managing Director. “Many are also looking for products that are as naturally grown and sustainably produced as possible. So, on all of these counts, we’re very pleased to be adding JMCC products to our formulary.”

With this new partnership, more medical cannabis patients will be able to receive better access to the cannabis plants medicinal properties so that they can help manage their health conditions.