Los Angeles Launches World’s Largest Cannabis Beverage Facility

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DeltaBev opened the world’s largest cannabis beverage facility located in Los Angeles, California.

As stated in a recent press release (1), DeltaBev has opened the world’s largest cannabis beverage manufacturing facility. The building is located in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley, California. DeltaBev began operations in January 2024 when CANN, the wunderkind brand, became their first production partner (1). The facility becomes the world’s largest cannabis beverage manufacturing facility through the capacity they are able to produce. It is 45,000 square feet and contains state-of-the-art processing and packaging qualities such as, “mini” production lines, canning, and bottling (1).

DeltaBev’s manufacturing facility follows quality standards for their beverage products and want to be known in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry for high quality and as a trusted supplier (1). In their press release (1), the company mentioned that they, “prioritizes tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) potency preservation at all stages with reverse osmosis water filtration, water de-aeration, advanced mixing technologies, inline emulsion injection, CO2 purging, and counter pressure filling.” To stand out from other cannabis beverage competitors, DeltaBevs offers customers, standard procurement services. By offering this, the company hopes to create further competitive retail pricing which will provide more accessibility to consumers (1). “As part of the vertically integrated Blaze Life Holdings (BLH), the facility's production capabilities extend to seamless distribution with co-located SuLo Distro, a full-service cannabis distributor covering California,” as mentioned in the company’s press release (1).


“By streamlining our operations and eliminating unnecessary complexity, we are enabling downstream profitability and accelerating time to market, delivering fresher products to consumers faster,” Shreyas Balakrishnan, CEO of BLH, explained (1).

Mary Jones Soda specifically picked BLH to co-manufacture and distribute their products because of the company’s dedication to supply chain optimization (1). “We are excited about our next phase of growth in California and partnering with both DeltaBev and SuLo Distro. The Canoga Park facility accelerates our innovation into more beverage options as well as gummies and shots. The SuLo distribution capabilities will also ramp our go-to-market strategy as we expand our footprint into more California Dispensaries,” David Knight, CEO of Mary Jones, said (1).

“The cannabis beverage category is far from its tipping point, and we understand the power of full-scale efficiencies within the beverage distribution supply chain. While we cannot speculate exactly when regulations will be lifted, we are prepared for when they are,” Balakrishnan added (1).


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