Leaf 411 Grows A New Branch with Mission Dispensaries Membership

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Leaf 411 and Mission Dispensaries look to advance cannabis education through their recent membership.

On March 22, 2023 it was announced that Leaf 411, the first cannabis nurse guidance call service, and Mission Dispensaries have partnered together by adding the multi-state operator (MSO) to their growing memberships (1). Through this membership, Mission became the first MSO to offer Leaf 411’s cannabis education resources to customers, patients, and staff in its six locations in Massachusetts, Michigan, and Illinois.

“We live and breathe cannabis education here at Leaf411, so it is very gratifying when an organization the size of Mission recognizes its importance,” said Katherine Golden, CEO of Leaf411. “This membership will provide resources to thousands of patients, as well as to Mission’s devoted team of budtenders and other team members. We are so proud of Mission for recognizing the importance of cannabis education and look forward to supporting their customers for years to come.”


The cannabis industry can be a difficult place to navigate. Patients looking to use the medicinal plant may face challenges trying to understand the options in front of them. Due to the stigma surrounding cannabis, it can be difficult to find credible information as well as access to products. With an increase in patients and consumers expressing interest in cannabis, it is crucial for them to receive education and guidance from nurses.

“We see patients everyday with questions about cannabis, so we understand the great need that exists for objective, credible information about cannabis consumption, products and possible outcomes,” said Kristie Shaw, Vice President of Retail Operations for Mission Dispensaries. “The membership with Leaf411 provides access for our patients to their cannabis-trained guidance sessions while also giving our budtenders the opportunity to learn from the registered nurses at Leaf411. We cannot wait to start sharing what we learn with our patients.”

Through this membership, Leaf411 customers will be able to access a wide variety of products which include, flower, edibles, vapes or concentrates, and tinctures. Mission Dispensaries is constantly looking at ways to expand their product offerings.

“The products available today continue to evolve as the industry grows and consumer needs and preferences become more defined,” Shaw said. “This makes it even more important for budtenders to be able to address questions when they arise. We think our membership with Leaf411 will help Mission deliver better service and hopefully, help our patients experience better results.”