Landowners in Oregon are Now Responsible for Cleanup of Illegal Growing Operations

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A new law in Oregon aims to hold landowners responsible for cleanup of illegal cannabis growing operations on their properties.

Signed in June 2023 by Oregon governor Tina Kotek, the new law addresses the destruction and waste–including plants, irrigation materials, latrines, and greenhouses–left behind on properties from illegal cannabis growing operations (1). If the owners of the property refuse to pay for the cleanup, local officials can now file a claim of lien and enforce other penalties (1,2).

The law also prohibits the use of local water sources that are not authorized for cannabis growing, which can deplete streams and groundwater (1,2).


Raids on illegal growing operations in Oregon last year resulted in the confiscation of over 100 tons of cannabis (2).

“The governor supports cracking down on illegal cannabis operations that have been prevalent in southern Oregon,” said the governor’s spokesperson, Elisabeth Shepard (2).


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