Kansas City Royals Partner with Pure Spectrum CBD

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The Kansas City Royals have partnered with Pure Spectrum CBD, becoming the second MLB team to form such a partnership.

In early June 2023, Major League Baseball (MLB) team the Kansas City Royals became the second MLB team to partner with a cannabidiol (CBD) company: Colorado-headquartered Pure Spectrum CBD (1). In 2022, MLB had announced it would allow partnerships of this kind, and earlier this year the Chicago Cubs announced an official partnership with wellness and recovery beverage company MYND Drinks (2).

A new section of Kauffman Stadium–the Kansas City, Missouri ballpark where the Royals play– has been opened and dedicated as a spot for Pure Spectrum CBD ambassadors to educate fans for free on the uses of CBD (1).


“We really got started with this because we saw the product changing a lot of lives,” said Dan Huerter, CEO of Pure Spectrum CBD (1). He also stated that he has seen a lot of athletes using CBD and he hopes to correct some misconceptions about cannabis products (1).

While CBD products will not be available in Kauffman Stadium for purchase, fans are invited to watch the game while learning about the potential benefits of CBD (1).


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