JEOL E-Beam System Arrives at Neighborhood 91

Published on: 

JEOL announces the arrival of the JAM-5200EBM Electron Beam-Powder Bed Fusion system to Cumberland Additive located at Neighborhood 91, the advanced manufacturing production campus at Pittsburgh International Airport.

The JAM-5200EBM made its debut in North America and was operational in six days after its arrival. The JEOL team also produced a AMS 7032 compliant build within three weeks of installation, generating valuable data on the system's performance and repeatability across various build geometries. The same JAM-5200EBM machine had already completed an operational qualification per AMS 7032 specification at its manufacturing factory site in Japan where the results demonstrated that the machine is capable of meeting AMS 7011 specification minimums for Electron Beam-Powder Bed Fusion machines.

The JAM5200EBM system will initially focus on titanium alloy, but the system is easily adaptable with the addition of a second hopper and feeder system. This will enable an easy transition to produce components in Pure Copper and Nickel 718 alloy, expanding the range of possibilities for Neighborhood 91 and its collaborators.