Industry Processing Solutions Wins 2023 Emerald Cup Innovative Consumable Product Award

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Perzimmon #2 Live Dried flower from Industry Processing Solutions receives top honor at the Emerald Cup in the “Innovative Product: Consumable” category.

According to a recent press release (1), Industry Processing Solutions in conjunction with The Original Resinator, Compound Genetics, and Node Labs was recognized by the Emerald Cup, one of the world's most esteemed cannabis competitions, for its Perzimmon #2 Live Dried flower. The strain won top honors in the “Innovative Product: Consumable” category due to the specialized lyophilization drying method that was used. The company stated that their patent pending Crop-to-Cure® methodology was used to dry and cure the winning sample in 24 hours, which is poised to offer a revolutionary new method for cannabis and hemp cultivators to optimize the final results while bringing their product to market faster.

The winning Perzimmon #2 (Rainbow Cheddar x Gastro Pop) samples were reportedly harvested from Compound Genetics and Node Labs' facility and first underwent a Cryo-Trim® process, wherein the freshly harvested buds were trimmed live using liquid CO2 with bladeless trimming screens in an Original Resinator machine. Next, the buds were freeze dried and made ready for consumption, all within approximately 24 hours. This unique combination of trimming and freeze drying comprises the Crop-to-Cure® method, which has been proven in laboratory testing to increase total cannabinoids and terpenes by as much as 10–15% (meaning a strain testing at 24% THC could test as high as 27%+ using Crop-to-Cure® as opposed to traditional drying and curing techniques).

Industry Processing Solutions has also released a technical white paper on the Crop-to-Cure® method, which is available for download.


"Winning this award is massively validating for a process we've been perfecting for years," said TJ Arnovick, CEO and co-founder at Industry Processing Solutions, in the press release (1). "In today's industry, cultivators need every advantage they can get as the cannabis and hemp markets mature. By giving growers the ability to take their plants from the garden to consumers significantly faster and with actual increases in potency and quality, we're excited to see live dried become sought after in the way solventless products have."

According to the company, live dried flower utilizing Crop-to-Cure® technology offers major benefits, including:

  • Significant reduction in the time it takes to bring a dried, smokeable flower to market
  • Proven increases in cannabinoids and terpenes, while preserving shape, size, color, and flavor, making "live dried" more commercially valuable
  • Better long-term preservation of harvests by allowing cultivators to freeze their plants for up to a year or more, and process them on demand for maximum freshness

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