Indiana Lawmakers Will Examine Legalization of Cannabis During 2023 Study Committee Period

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Impacts of cannabis for legal, adult recreational use to be discussed in Indiana study committee period this year.

During their study committee period this year, Indiana lawmakers will discuss, among other topics, the legalization of cannabis in the state (1). “THE [COMMERCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT] COMMITTEE IS CHARGED WITH STUDYING THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: … (C) Legalization of adult-use cannabis in Indiana as it relates to workforce impacts and teen use,” stated the Legislative Council Resolution dated June 13, 2023 (1).

In 2022, the public health committee discussed positive and negative aspects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and THC-derivatives in order for lawmakers to gain a better understanding of them (2). Discussion of recreational cannabis had not seemed likely for 2023 (3).


A legislative study committee discussed medical cannabis for the first time in 2018, including hours of testimony on the benefits and risks of cannabis–however, legal use of cannabis remains limited in Indiana (4).

According to Americans for Safe Access (ASA), there are currently no registered medical cannabis patients in Indiana, potential patients are limited to using only oils with 0.3% THC or less, and only patients with a diagnosis of treatment-resistant epilepsy qualify to be added to the registry (5).


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