In the News: New Jersey Expands Cannabis Industry with New Dispensaries

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In today’s “In the News” New Jersey expands their cannabis footprint with the opening of two new cannabis dispensaries.

Scotch Plains, New Jersey Gains New Sanctuary Cannabis Dispensary

In a recent press release (1), Sanctuary Cannabis disclosed that they are growing their roots in the New Jersey cannabis industry with the grand opening of their cannabis dispensary located at 2581 US-22, Scotch Plains, New Jersey, 07076. The new facility is just one of many as the company is a multi-state business with locations in various states, such as, Florida, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire (1).

Sanctuary Cannabis offers cannabis users a variety of products (1). For example, edibles, vapes, flower, and concentrates can be found in their locations.

"We're excited to join the vibrant Scotch Plains community, reaffirming our commitment to becoming valued partners in this neighborhood," Jason Sidman, CEO of Sanctuary Cannabis, said (1). "Our goal in New Jersey is to enhance well-being, foster positive relationships, and ensure accessible care for those in need."


The press release (1) mentioned that they are excited to provide high-quality cannabis products for the Scotch Plains area and that they “are delighted to become a valued part of the community and anticipate a promising future in Scotch Plains”.

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North Jersey Cannabis Industry Grows with Hashery Cannabis Dispensary

Hackensack, New Jersey gained a new cannabis dispensary called the “Hashery” (3). The new facility is seated in a shopping center located on Route 17. Opening the business was not easy and took some time to settle on a location, get approvals, and obtain permits (3).

“We had talked to various cities, but the one that resonated and stuck with us was Hackensack,” Len Coleman, one of the partners of Hashery, said (3). “There’s been struggles and hurdles, but we’re excited to be opening. We've been popping into the businesses on Main Street. We want to be part of the community, and make the distinction, we're Hackensack's dispensary.”

Hashery can be found at 409 Route 17 South, Hackensack, New Jersey, 07601 (3). It is a 4,000-square-foot building that will serve customers seven days a week. Their hours will be from 8am to 10pm and will also be featuring a drive-through option (3). The drive-through feature will be the second drive-through dispensary in North Jersey. Some of the products Hashery will offer consumers are topical creams, edibles, flower, casules, concentrates, and vaporizers (3).

“We’ll have a lot of stuff that’s not even on the East Coast yet,” Coleman commented (3).

Hashery was opened alongside Sam Jurist, a co-founder of Hashery. Jurist is the CEO of Focus V and Rosin Tech Labs, and mainly works in the California cannabis industry (3). North Jersey reported that (3), “Jurist and Coleman have been friends since middle school, growing up in Somerset County, and were roommates in Hoboken after college.” Hashery is made up of around 40 employees and has strong roots in Jersey because of the co-founders history.

“We’re not like the big multistate operators that are around us. Those are massive companies,” Coleman said (3). “We’re homegrown. This isn’t like opening another store for us. This is our baby.”

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