How Cannabis Helped This Survivor During Breast Cancer Treatment

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Hear more from Kim Stuck, author of the Cannabis Science and Technology blog Stuck on Compliance, share how cannabis helped her maintain weight and manage pain during chemotherapy.

Our sister publication, CURE, recently interviewed Kim Stuck on her use of cannabis during chemotherapy for breast cancer. Watch the interview or read the transcription below to learn more.

Kim Stuck said that she did not lose or gain weight during her chemotherapy treatments and was still able to work out frequently after her first treatment session, too. She credits this to her use of cannabis throughout her breast cancer experience, she explained.

“I think I think it obviously helped. I was not in pain,” Stuck, a breast cancer survivor and founder and CEO of Allay Consulting, a compliance strategy and services provider for the hemp and cannabis industry, said in an interview with CURE®.


Sometimes I wish I would have had a baseline, right? I started taking cannabinoids and using cannabis and mushrooms, functional mushrooms, since the beginning. I was so scared and I really just didn't want to die. So I was trying anything I could just to like make the experience go better.


And I want to say that it helped a lot. I know that it did, especially with (the fact that) I didn't lose a pound during chemo, which is really kind of crazy. Usually people lose a lot of weight or gain a lot of weight. And I didn't gain any weight, either. I actually stayed right on and a lot of that was attributed to the cannabis. Just even my daily intake, like inhalation intake, because it would help me eat and it would help with motivation to eat, because a lot of times you just feel terrible, and it's not that you're throwing up all the time. It's that you just like lose motivation. You're just like, “I just don't feel like eating. I'm not hungry,” which is interesting, because I thought it would be kind of different than that.

I think I think it obviously helped. I was not in pain. In fact, after the first treatment, I was still working out every day. And it's a stacking … toxicity is stacking when it comes to chemo. So sometimes your first chemo treatment, you're like, “Oh, it's actually not that terrible. It sucks. It's not fun, but I can make it through.” By the fourth (round of chemotherapy), I was down and out. Like there was no way I couldn't even walk up the stairs in my house. I was so debilitated.

I can't imagine how much worse it would have been without the natural medicine treatments, quite honestly.

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Kim Stuck is the author of the Cannabis Science and Technology Stuck on Compliance blog. Read her monthly articles on regulatory compliance, product safety, worker safety, and psychedelic therapy!