Hoboken, New Jersey Opens First Cannabis Dispensary

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New Jersey gains another cannabis dispensary while Hoboken opens its first store.

In New Jersey, cannabis is legal for both recreational and medical use. The cannabis industry in the state has been slow to develop but a new cannabis dispensary for medical cannabis opened in October 2023 and is the first cannabis dispensary for Hoboken, New Jersey (1).

Known as “The Station”, the medical cannabis dispensary is placed two blocks from the Hoboken train station and is located at River and Newark streets (1). The dispensary hopes to be able to offer recreational cannabis in the future. The Station is owned by Joseph Castelo who also owns the building the dispensary is located in, as well as two other enterprises that reside within the same building (1). The medical cannabis dispensary did not come to fruition overnight, Castelo told The Patch, that it had taken almost 5 years to get The Station up and running due to local and state approvals (1). The Station owner plans to be able to open for recreational used and is waiting on approval from the Hoboken Cannabis Review Board (1).

The decor for the new medical dispensary is inspired by the 1907 Erie Lackawana Train Station not far from the cannabis location (1). It contains antique doors, wood fixtures, and stained glass to bring consumers into a unique and vintage setting. Castelo reported to The Patch (1) that “the railroad is also a metaphor for the cannabis journey.”


On a tour Castello provided on November 20, 2023 he asked (1), “What's your destination?”. He then added, “It could be that you're seeking sleep or calm. Or creativity.”

Before venturing into cannabis, Castelo was a filmmaker. His hope now is for The Station and his other business ventures to benefit one another (1).

Community director of The Station and Sweven, Jawan Robinson told The Patch that, “cannabis customers have come in from all over, particularly from Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, and New York City. They often stop off during their commute,” (1).

In a November 2023 press release, Castelo said (2), “At The Station, we want to help educate patients and consumers, destigmatize cannabis and celebrate the role intentional cannabis consumption can play in nourishing our bodies, minds and relationships while highlighting the positive role cannabis can and will play in the local community and economy.”


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