Hemp to Be Tested as a Biodegradable Material in Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

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The goal of the testing is to reduce waste from currently used materials.

A new collaboration between Jiva Materials, a producer of sustainable materials, and the United Kingdom’s University of Portsmouth, will seek to create a more sustainable printed circuit board (PCB) (1). The currently used materials are not biodegradable and difficult to recycle—PCBs are reportedly responsible for 8% of all electronic waste (1).

Professor Hom Dhakal, Head of Advanced Polymers and Composites Research Group at the University of Portsmouth is the lead for the study, and his team will test materials such as flax, jute, and hemp to be used in the PCB manufacturing (1).


“The University of Portsmouth delights in creating, sharing, and applying knowledge to make a difference to individuals and society,” he stated in a press release on the university’s website (1). “We have a strong research and innovation focus on sustainability and the environment, as well as future and emerging technologies.”

“This collaborative KTP project with Jiva Materials, wonderfully suits a mutually prioritised goal of working together towards achieving a sustainability agenda,” Dhakal continued (1). “We believe that the experience gained from this partnership will significantly contribute towards delivering more sustainable materials and increased circularity in the sector by combating the problem of e-waste.”

The natural fibers are intended to replace the currently used laminate and the partnership will reportedly create the world’s first biodegradable PCB (1).

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the University of Portsmouth and especially Professor Dhakal and his team,” stated Dr Jonathan Swanston, CEO of Jiva Materials in a press release (2). “This partnership aligns with our vision of reducing the environmental impact of electronic devices. Jiva Materials has been at the forefront of creating materials that are both sustainable and functional. The University’s expertise in developing natural fibre laminates make them the perfect partner for Jiva.”


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