HazMax Protects Workers and the Environment

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Specifically designed for isolating hazardous materials, the HAZMAX Containment Work Area is engineered to isolate applications including large equipment distillation procedures, pilot plant requirements, and sampling/ weighing/ dispensing operations.

Protection from hazardous fumes is ensured by the varaflow baffle system and by-pass inlets, to safely vent vapors, odors, and powders for maximum work safety. The ventilated work area is constructed of corrosion resistant composite resin surface panels. Tempered glass horizontal sliding door panels provide convenient access to the work area. Vapor proof or explosion proof lighting is provided.

A secondary containment basin, constructed of seamless composite polyresin, has coved corners and a sloped bottom to facilitate draining and cleaning of any accidental spillage. A raised fiberglass grate deck floor allows spillage to flow through. Specific requirements can be met through a variety of safety and service accessories, also available HEMCO. Call 816-796-2900 or visit www.HEMCOcorp.com/unimax.html.