Hamilton Farms Unveils New Cannabis Cultivation Facility Completed by DAG

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Hamilton Farms opens new cannabis cultivation facility completed by DAG.

In a recent press release covered by the Patch (1), DAG, an organization that constructs and designs Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facilities for cannabis and produce industries, revealed that they recently completed a new cannabis cultivation facility for Hamilton Farms, a cannabis cultivator for the New Jersey adult-use market. The building is located in Millville, New Jersey and is 13,000-square-feet (1).

The CEO, Mark Gemignani, and Director of Architecture and Engineering, Jeff Lair, of DAG, both represented the company and attended Hamilton Farms ribbon-cutting and grand opening event for the new building (1).

Prior to becoming a cannabis cultivation facility, the venue once was a warehouse. DAG began construction and renovated the location for it to be utilized as a cultivation enterprise. The project began in May 2022 (1). According to the press release (1), “DAG commenced the project in May 2022 with a preliminary high-level schematic design providing 4,496 square feet of canopy, including a seamless flow between mother, clone, propagation, vegetation, and flower rooms; and appropriately sized rooms for harvest activities (dry, trim, cure) and post-harvest activities (packaging and vault). The company also designed and constructed a headhouse (water room), electrical room, IT room, areas for shipping and receiving, storage rooms, and ancillary spaces including offices, locker rooms and restrooms.”


When cannabis became legalized in 2021, Rahul Patel, CEO of Hamilton Farms, and Kunal Lodaya, COO of Hamilton Farms, submitted an initial application for a New Jersey Cannabis business license in December 2021. The company was one of the first approved applicants to receive a conditional license (1), as well as, one of the first to be approved to convert into a full annual license.

“DAG was with us from step one to build out an initial concept. We looked at many sites, and DAG’s insight was invaluable. Once we locked in our lease, DAG was integral in envisioning the design and layout; its team members were always available,” Patel mentioned (1). “Their breadth of knowledge in CEA and planning, design and construction of Cannabis facilities is incredible.”

“When we began this journey, we were new to the Cannabis industry and chose DAG because we could trust their guidance in helping us to make decisions. Their team is honest, and we value their opinion. They continue to be a part of many decisions we make day in and day out,” Lodaya said (1).

“Throughout foundational planning, design, pre-construction and construction, and even now during post-construction, we are pleased to have guided and worked with Hamilton Farms to create an efficient and effective facility that will help them run a profitable Cannabis operation,” Gemignani explained (1). “We helped them to be practical, thoughtful and economical, so their processes beyond growing can be seamless.”


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