Growing Like a Weed: Maryland’s New Cannabis Sales Numbers

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One month after recreational cannabis became legal, sales exceeded expectations.

Legal sales of cannabis for recreational uses began in Maryland starting July 1st, 2023, and by the end of the month, sales had exceeded $87 million, averaging $2.8 million per day (1). In November 2022, voters approved of legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes (2). Medical cannabis was signed into law in Maryland in 2014 (3).

According to a chart published by the Maryland Cannabis Administration (4), sales of flower buds contributed the most to overall sales at over $51 million, followed by concentrate at $22 million with infused edibles, shake trim, and plants contributing making up the rest, all as of July 23rd. Medical cannabis sales last July totaled about $43 million (5).


Sales of recreational cannabis in July 2023 was double the sale of medical cannabis in June of this year (6). The Maryland Cannabis Administration also converted 95 medical cannabis dispensary licenses to allow them to sell to recreational users (5).

In addition to consuming cannabis for recreational purposes, the home growing of up to two cannabis plants for recreational purposes and four for medical purposes also became legal this year (2). According to their press release (7), Maryland Marijuana Justice (MDMJ), an organization promoting cannabis legal reform, hosted a giveaway of over 30,000 cannabis seeds on July 1st to boost home cultivation for citizens. The organization also stated that the current number of allowed plants is too limited (7).

“Two to four plants are simply inadequate for people who consume an average amount of cannabis,” said Steve Ellmore, founder of The Unprescribed nonprofit and MDMJ volunteer (7). “Plants have a life cycle from seed to vegetation to flower. If a plant fails, you have to start the whole process over, leaving patients without medicine for several months.”

Steve Ellmore will present his film Unprescribed at the Cannabis Science Conference Fall 2023 in Providence, Rhode Island. Learn more information and register here.


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