Greenbox Builders, Inc. Launches Pre-engineered Cannabis Facilities For Extraction and Testing Labs

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Greenbox to build better cannabis facilities, quicker with its pre-engineered “Greenbox 3360 Extraction Facility” and its “Greenbox 3360 Analytical Lab Facility”.

Greenbox Builders, Inc (the “Company”), specialized builders of better cannabis facilities, today announced it has launched two models of its turnkey, pre-designed, pre-engineered, and pre-specified cannabis facilities for extraction or testing, the “Greenbox 3360 Extraction Facility” and it’s “Greenbox 3360 Analytical Lab Facility”.

“Our Greenbox 3360 pre-engineered facility is designed and specified for the specialized operations of cannabis extraction or cannabis analytical testing,” said Tim Vrieling, Greenbox’s co-founder. “Because our facilities are pre-designed and pre-engineered, our building projects skip the architectural design, engineering, and specification phases of construction. Our expedited building process results in quicker occupancy and quicker access to revenue. Often, the loss of revenue of delayed construction exceeds the cost of the building project.”

Greenbox’s approach to offering pre-designed, pre-engineered facilities streamlined for cannabis testing and cannabis extraction allows for rapid development and quicker time to market. Greenbox facilities projects skip the architectural design and engineering phase and can be erected and permitted more expeditiously than traditional build or retrofit. Because Greenbox projects are predesigned and pre-engineered facilities, our building projects have more predictable timelines, known materials and cost, and mitigation of risk and interruptions.

The Greenbox standardized cannabis lab facilities are repeatable with a verifiable process and are perfect for standardizing operations across multiple locations, multi-state, with standardized operating procedures across facilities.

The Greenbox team of lab designers, engineers, project managers, and builders advance its building projects from concept to operational launch for cannabis extraction facilities or cannabis testing labs, quicker. The result is a facility that is built for the unique needs of cannabis analytical testing lab operations or cannabis extraction lab operations.

Visit Greenbox at MJBIZCON in Las Vegas on Oct 19-22, 2021 - Booth #C8347.

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Greenbox Builders, Inc - specialists in facilities construction for cannabis extraction labs and cannabis testing labs.

Greenbox Builders, Inc was founded by veteran laboratory design/builder Tim Vrieling and David Wolf. We have offices in Ontario, Ca where we are sharing resources with our sister company Integrate Lab Builders - Greenbox’s website is at:

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