From the Editor: Time for Goodbye

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A goodbye letter from former Group Editorial Director, Meg L'Heureux.

When I was younger, it was my dream to run my own magazine. I would write made-up stories in my little notebooks and pretend that I was head of the news division at a big publication. My older siblings were often the subject of these “articles,” much to their dismay. There was a short time when my passion for writing and editing diminished and I thought I would become a veterinarian or marine biologist—this was the start of my interest in science. Once I was in college though, I found my way back to writing with a double major in Journalism and English.

I have spent the bulk of my professional career working on science publications: first LCGC North America then Spectroscopy and eventually I helped launch Cannabis Science and Technology. The common thread in all these publications is education for the science community. I have spent 15 years learning about the different types of science related to these fields and the passionate people that work within them. It’s hard to sum up what this time has meant to me, but I will try. For a long time, these brands felt like home. There was a unique synergy between my interest in science and my passion for writing and even educating, as I came to find out. I was continually challenged to try new things such as webcasts, e-symposiums, and even in-person conferences. There was nothing I enjoyed more, though, than when readers would stop by our booth or email me to compliment our work. It was such an honor to hear that feedback and know that our efforts were helping, even in some small way.

So, why am I leaving? All I can say is that dreams change sometimes, and that’s ok. That little girl from so many years ago got her wish and ran a publication of her very own—and boy, has it been thrilling! Cannabis Science and Technology and Cannabis Patient Care will always be some of my proudest accomplishments. The cannabis industry and the people I have worked with over the years are some of the very best—and I thank them all for their support to me and these brands over the years. I wholeheartedly believe in the work they are doing and the future of this industry. I hope one day there is full legalization and standardization for proper testing. I hope that medical cannabis patients are not forgotten because they are the heart—and the root—of this cause. The medical cannabis part of this space really touched me in an unexpected way. The patients I have met, and the stories they allowed me to share, are truly incredible. I will carry them with me and share them as many times as I am able to in my life.

I have never been very good at goodbyes, so I will just leave you all with my praise for the team that is still here. Stephanie Shaffer is the most passionate and innovative person I have ever had the privilege to work beside. She is our Group Publisher, but so much more. Cannabis Science and Technology would not exist without her. Madeline Colli and Erin McEvoy are the heart of the editorial team now. They are both so excited about this industry and dedicated to sharing the best content with all of you. We also have a very passionate and driven sales team in Mark Davis and Gerard Onorata. It’s been an honor and joy to work with all of them! I am looking forward to seeing what they all can achieve in the future, and I hope you’ll continue to read and watch with me for many years to come.

Thank you: readers, editorial board members, contributors, friends, and colleagues!


“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”- A.A. Milne


Meg L’Heureux, former Group Editorial Director, Cannabis Science and Technology, Cannabis Patient Care, and Cannabis Science Conference