Foxx Life Sciences Adds New Asia Headquarters in India

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Foxx Life Sciences announce new Asia headquarters in India.

In a recent press release (1), Foxx Life Sciences announced that their custom single-use systems (SUS) company will be opening their new international Asia headquarters in Medchal, Hyderabad, India. With this new location, Foxx will bring continued expansion of biopharmaceutical manufacturing to the region.

"Foxx is proud to expand in Asia to offer innovative products to the Indian and Asian markets,” said Vikram Mahapatra, vice president of Foxx Life Sciences (1). “We are happy to be committed to providing our customers with high-quality products with exceptional global customer service.”


Foxx Life Sciences will maintain its initiative to invest in the strong demand growth forecasted in the India and Asia markets for Foxx Custom (SUT), which is specifically designed to support biopharmaceutical and bioprocess companies.

Following the addition of Foxx Life Sciences new facility, they launched a new website,, regarding product knowledge and online purchasing of their products for Asia customers.

"Foxx is recognized as the bridge to India in the USA" stated Thomas Taylor, President and CEO.

The new headquarters will also include warehouse inventory and manufacturing for the Asian-Pacific region.