Florida Closer to Imposing Restrictions on Intoxicating Hemp-Derived Products

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Both the Senate and the House have drafted bills restricting the sale of hemp-derived products.

Florida recently moved closer toward restricting hemp-derived tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products, joining many other states that have already done so (1,2). On February 15, SB 1698, a Senate bill banning hemp-derived cannabinoids such as Delta-8 and Delta-10, was approved unanimously (1,2). These types of products have been sold in the state for several years (1). If passed, the new ban could become law in October 2024 (1).

The restrictions in the bill are summarized as (3): “Defining the term ‘total delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol concentration’; providing conditions for the manufacture, delivery, hold, offer for sale, distribution, or sale of hemp extract; prohibiting businesses and food establishments from possessing hemp extract products that are attractive to children; prohibiting the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services from granting permission to remove or use certain hemp extract products until it determines that such hemp extract products comply with state law, etc.”

The most recent update on the companion bill, HB 1613, is that it was added to the Appropriations Committee agenda on February 16 (4).


Arguments supporting the Senate bill call attention to the dangers posed to children and young adults (1). Arguments opposing the bill point to the far-reaching impact it could have (2). "Before you go and completely restrict it, get educated and see who it's helping first,” said Adam Wick, owner of a dispensary in St. Petersburg (1). Wick also stated that most of the customers who purchase his Delta-8 products are older adults (1). "I hope Florida will do it right and allow it,” Wick also said (1). “But with some controls and please take it out of the gas stations and those types of things. We don't need that."

The Senate bill now goes to the House for review (1).

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