First-Ever Cannabis Periodic Table of Molecules™ Created by Acannability™

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Acannability™ created the first-ever Cannabis Periodic Table of Molecules™ chart which reflects the original periodic table of elements.

In a recent press release (1), Acannability™ released the first-ever Cannabis Periodic Table of Molecules™ chart (2). The company is based in Chicago, Illinois and disclosed in their press release that they are “a member-driven, direct to consumer cooperative for the cannabis industry,” (1). In the company’s cannabis periodic table, it was meant to visually reflect the design of the periodic elements. It lists 51 cannabis molecules and precursor acids which have been categorized into four areas (1).

Acannability™’s Cannabis Periodic Table of Molecules™ chart was created via the review of over 400 molecules and the benefits associated with them that were detailed in published journals (1). The company hopes that this chart will help with education efforts in healthcare and also those interested in learning more about the industry. Scientific Advisor Joseph Friedman, RPh, MBA, a medical cannabis pharmacist and pharmacology expert, led the chart’s evolution (1).


"The Acannability™ table was developed to empower consumers with scientific facts of the plants ingredients," Friedman explained (1). "By utilizing this table, it is our hope that consumers will be able to make more informed purchasing decisions based on their needs and the products specific elements."

Shown in the Cannabis Periodic Table of Molecules™ there are four categories: cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, cannabinoids, and 6 precursor acids which are displayed underneath the other molecule sections (1,2). The chart contains a total of 51 boxes with the molecules being listed from left to right and go by increasing atomic weight (1).

Acannability™ wishes that their periodic table will be utilized to inspire conversation regarding the plant’s benefits, as well as, education, selection of products, and industry trends (1). The goal is to encourage cannabis consumers to use their education and knowledge to help them figure out what cannabis products would be best for them to purchase (1).

Acannability™’s Cannabis Periodic Table of Molecules™ chart is accessible to Acannability members and is also offered at no cost to the cannabis community via a copyright license acknowlesgement (1). For a printable version of the chart, please can visit their website: (3).


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