ElleVet Sciences Receives Patent for Proprietary CBD+CBDA Formulation

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Our sister publication, DVM 360, recently covered a patent issued to ElleVet Sciences for their CBD + CBDA hemp extract forumulation.

ElleVet Sciences — a science-focused pet CBD+ CBDA company— announced the issuance of US Patent No. 11,712,45 which will cover the use of hemp extracts when it comes to treating pain and other conditions in animals. The patented blend of CBA+CBDA has proven to be effective in treating in the areas of atopic dermatitis as well as epilepsy. Now, with its newly patented blend to address pain in dogs, has a broader scope into different areas.

"This is a huge win for ElleVet and embodies our dedication and belief in the scientific process," said Amanda Howland, ElleVet Sciences CCO and co-founder, in an organizational release (1). "We developed our proprietary formulation years ago and have always maintained that our specific formulation has been critical to our success, and the reason we have unmatched success. The issuance of this patent proves our long-held belief that hemp is not all the same, that the specific product is where success lies, and that ElleVet is truly the best product for pets."


According to the release (1), ElleVet completed the first clinical trial on dogs suffering from osteoarthritis that was conducted at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. The study took dogs and placed them in randomized placebo-controlled, veterinarian and owner blinded, cross over where the dogs received 2 treatments: CBD oil or placebo oil every 12 hours (2).

The treatments lasted 4 weeks with 2 weeks used as a washout period. A baseline veterinary assessment and owner questionnaire were completed before initiating treatment as well as at weeks 2 and 4. The study found dogs that received the industrial hemp extract high in CBD were presenting as more comfortable and active with no observed side effects of the treatment (2).

"Pioneering science has always been at the heart of ElleVet's products," said Christian Kjaer, CEO and co-founder of ElleVet Sciences. "This patent is a series of new patents we expect to be granted over the next several years. They will provide us the protection to continue investing in science to discover and develop new ways of improving the lives of our pets."


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