Desert Aire Announces GrowAire™ DriCure™ Solution for Cannabis Drying Room

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Desert Aire is pleased to announce its latest GrowAire Series product to the indoor cannabis cultivation market: the DriCure system, an all-in-one climate control system for cannabis drying rooms. DriCure is a single unit solution for a production level drying facility. Units are designed for a year round operation.

“Desert Aire designed GrowAire DriCure specifically for cannabis drying room applications,” said Paul Stewart, Vice President of Sales for Desert Aire. “It is an extension of the GrowAire Series product line that helps cultivators ensure they optimize the final step to their cultivation process.”

DriCure dehumidifiers combine numerous design features into a cost-competitive system that removes unwanted moisture in a wide range of entering air conditions. The typical drying room design conditions are 63°F to 75°F @40 to 60% RH.

The DriCure solution is a vapor-compression refrigeration cycle based unit designed to remove the moisture held by the plant after harvest. The DriCure unit will control the temperature and humidity during the drying process.

DriCure is designed for a typical drying room application where the harvested crop needs to dry in 5 to 10 days. Using DriCure, the plant will lose about 40% of its total weight in the first 24 hours and then the system slowly removes the remaining water over the remaining drying period. Sized for the average moisture load per hour that will occur over the first day of drying, the unit will run constantly for the first 12 hours of drying at full capacity and then cycle to maintain optimal conditions.

To help cannabis operation managers understand DriCure drying room control technology, Desert Aire created a new DriCure brochure that provides details about DriCure unit sizing, features, design for low temperatures, an explanation of a 5- to 10-day drying cycle program and unit options. The brochure is available at under Resources>Document Library>Products.

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