DENIOS Introduces Full Size Funnel for the Fast and Safe Filling of IBCs

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DENIOS-US introduces the new FALCON Funnel Model Full Size for the fast, safe, and efficient refilling of IBC totes.

Constructed of chemical resistant polyethylene (PE), the Full Size model sits atop a standard IBC tote, covering the entire surface of 275 – 330 gallon IBCs. It features a large surface area and collection volume for fast transfer of materials from bottles, jugs, drums, and more. Liquids run off the domed base and through a large drain opening into the standard tote opening. Units sit atop IBC or can be affixed using optional connection kit. An optional lid can be attached while the funnel is not in use or hangs on the side when in use. An optional coarse strainer is available for the drain. The FALCON Funnel Model Full Size is ideal for the safe, fast, and efficient refilling of totes, making it a useful addition for any facility using IBC containers.

DENIOS stocks the FALCON Full Size as well as other FALCON Funnels for IBC totes, drums, and other containers in their Louisville factory for immediate shipment. For more information on the FALCON Funnel Full Size visit For additional information on DENIOS US, visit, or chat with a live representative online, or via email at, or call (877) 388-0187.