Delaware Becomes 22nd State to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

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Recreational cannabis has officially been legalized in Delaware.

Delaware became the 22nd state to legalize recreational cannabis in April 2023. While many celebrated cannabis’s liberation, not everyone was on board. One of these individuals being their governor (1).

The medicinal plant became legal for individuals over the age of 21. Governor John Carney (D) mentioned he still doesn’t support the recreastional use of cannabis but that the focus at the state level needs to fall to other issues. Gov. Carney has some fears for safety on roadways, children, and in poorer neighborhoods.


Delaware has not established dispensaries throughout the state yet. One bill that passed state legislature can create state-led regulations and licensing for manufacturing, cultivation, and retail.

Aside from Delaware, over 20 states have legalized recreational use. In New Jersey, cannabis sales have totaled over $228 million in 2022. Their state cannabis regulatory commission stated that the plant brought in nearly $20 million in tax revenue. The state of Delaware does not have a sales tax, which causes some uncertainty on how the state’s finances could be effected (1).

With cannabis legalized in Delaware, Pennsylvania is the now the only state in the Philly region who has not yet legalized cannabis. In Philadelphia, having a small amount of the plant has been decriminalized. All eyes are shifting to Pennsylvania to see if they will be next to approve of recreational use.


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