DaySavers Partners with Leading Cannabis Research Organizations for Comprehensive Study on Smokability

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The smoking accessories company has partnered with the Science of Smokability study to advance research on cannabis smoking quality and consistency.

In a press release (1) dated June 10, 2024, DaySavers announced its collaboration with the Cannabis Research Coalition (CRC) and the nonprofit research organization Network of Applied Pharmacognosy (NAP) in their ongoing research study, the Science of Smokability (SOS). DaySavers, a brand by CustomCones USA, is a rolling-paper company that produces smoking accessories, specializing in pre-rolled cones, tubes, and blunts, additionally stating that all of its products are tested for heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides. Founded in 2017, Custom Cones USA provides pre-roll expertise and resources.

“Through this research, we will be shedding light on some major unknowns in the cannabis industry,” stated Harrison Bard, CEO and Co-Founder of DaySavers and Custom Cones USA, in the press release. “This type of research exists and has been proven to be extremely important in the tobacco industry, so we are excited to pave the way for a safer and more enjoyable future for the cannabis industry where quality and standards are at the forefront of cannabis cultivation and pre-roll product development.” Custom Cones stated that it will also be performing an experiment of its own for the SOS study, one that tests infused pre-rolls and types of infusion processes.

The multiyear, multi-phase SOS study seeks to examine the connection between cultivation and post-harvest practices and their effect on the consumer’s smoking experience. The study will use smoking machines and recruit participants to test the pre-roll products and will focus on (1,2):


  • variations in mineral content
  • nutritional content (flushing)
  • nitrosamines (potential carcinogens)
  • moisture content
  • the overall effect on ash color
  • smoke composition
  • smoke quality

DaySavers has stated it will pay $4.20 to 200 randomly selected SOS study participants who will then complete a survey comparing the experience of smoking two different joints.

The SOS studies are being led by experts from the CRC and the NAP, including Allison Justice, PhD, Miyabe Shields, PhD, Riley Kirk, PhD, Markus Roggen, PhD, and Ashley Manning. Started in 2021, the SOS project aims to provide data that will help improve the quality and value of cannabis to patients and recreational consumers.

"This partnership highlights the pivotal importance of industry-wide collaboration and underscores the significance of research initiatives for shaping the future of the cannabis sector,” stated said Allison Justice, PhD, founder of the CRC, in the press release. “This cross-departmental research collaboration extends beyond mere acquisition of sustainable and profitable cultivation and post-harvest metrics; we are actively establishing the benchmarks for ensuring the highest standards in producing flower intended for combustion.”

Recently, Drs. Justice and Kirk presented, “The Science of Smokeability: Insights on Cultivation and Post-Harvest Techniques to Enhance the Quality of the Smoking Experience,” at the Cannabis Science Conference and provided a deep-dive of the project background and goals in an exclusive interview with Cannabis Science and Technology.

The first round of research insights is anticipated to be shared with ASTM International’s Committee D37 on Cannabis.

Earlier this month, Willow Industries, a supplier of cannabis microbial control and post-harvest decontamination technology, also announced its partnership with the Cannabis Research Coalition to advance cannabis research.


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