Curio Wellness Receives Good Agriculture Collection Practices (GACP) Certification

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Curio Wellness recently obtained their Good Agriculture Collection Practices (GACP) certification.

In a recent press release, Curio Wellness, announced that they had received their Good Agriculture Collection Practices (GACP) certification (1). The organization which is located in Maryland (2), is a current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) certified, “vertically integrated cannabis company” (1), creates wellness and health products. The GACP certification is backed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and was created to form safety, quality, and efficacy standards for plant medicine enterprises (1).

One of the reasons Curio Wellness went to complete the GACP certification was to show their dedication to the quality of their products for consumers, this includes both adult-use and medical consumers (1). The company encountered audits, which specifically investigated their agricultural practices, quality, operational systems, and maintenance practices (1). After undergoing these audits and GACP certification procedures, Curio Wellness became the first CGMP-certified cannabis operator in the state of Maryland and “one of the only GACP-certified cannabis manufacturers in the industry,” (1).


“For the advancement of the cannabis industry, we must continue to hold ourselves to the highest standard," Joseph Martin, SVP of Operational Excellence at Curio Wellness commented (1). "Our adult-use consumers and medical patients deserve the best and safest flower products available and we are committed to meeting their needs. We are proud to have completed the rigorous GACP certification process and will continue to regularly seek ways to precisely assess and improve our practices.”

Additional developments taking place, is Curio Wellness’s new partnership with VMO-Ops, Inc. located in Missouri. VMO-Ops provides knowledge on the cannabis industry, as well as, products to over 200,000 adult-use users and medical patients throughout the state of Missouri (1). The organization is working on launching a new 130,000-square-foot cultivation facility which will offer Curio Wellness’s GI products, Good Night Line, and their patent-pending Terpene Chews (1). To learn more about Curio Wellness’s products, please visit (1,2):


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