Curaleaf Enters the New York Adult Use Cannabis Market

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Curaleaf is entering the New York cannabis market after receiving an approval from the New York State Office of Cannabis Management.

The New York State Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has granted approval to Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. (Curaleaf) on December 8, 2023, to sell wholesale adult-use cannabis products In the state of the Big Apple, according to a recent press release (1).

Curaleaf is planning to provide five of their premium flower, vape, and edible products that are a part of their Grassroots and Select brand portfolios (1). This includes “Select Briq Essentials, Select X Bites, Select Nano Bites and Grassroots premium flower,” (1). One of Curaleaf’s wholesale partners, MJ Dispensary, who is a Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensaries (CAURD) licensee (1), began offering Curaleaf products on December 12, 2023, as an inclusion in their grand opening event in Rochester, New York.


As the company gets further established in the Big Apple state, Curaleaf will develop new products that will be created with “local New York-grown flower, including distillate from New York based hemp farm Open Mind Organics (OMO). Led by David Falkowski, a third-generation farmer who became one of the first licensed hemp farmers in the state,” (1).

“Curaleaf has served New York's medical market with high quality cannabis products and service since 2017, and we are eager to provide that same level of care for the state's adult use customers,” Matt Darin, CEO of Curaleaf, commented (1). “We are pleased that the OCM has taken the next step to allow existing registered operators the opportunity to participate in the adult use market, and we look forward to being among the first as we continue to prioritize our medical patients. We are happy to be working with businesses of all sizes across the state, from hemp farmers to our retail partners, including CAURD licensees, and we aim for statewide distribution by end of year.”

“On our opening day at MJ Dispensary, it's a monumental milestone to be the first licensed New York adult use retail partner to offer our customers access to Select and Grassroots products,” Ryan Martin, CEO of MJ Dispensary, explained (1). “This partnership with Curaleaf is an excellent example of the ways in which the New York market can work together moving forward between large businesses like Curaleaf, and CAURD licensees like MJ Dispensary. Our intention is to support customers with a wide array of products, and we feel we've accomplished that in part due to this partnership.”

Curaleaf is excited to dip their feet into the New York cannabis industry and are inspired to help local communities through their “Rooted in Good” program which work with organizations that handle the challenges caused from the “War on Drugs” (1). The company also is planning to hire, “at least 10% of all new New York hires from populations touched by low-level cannabis-related offenses and hosting retail activations focused on social justice and equity,” reported in the company’s press release (1).


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