CTInstruments Ltd. Releases Cloud-Hosted Multi-User Version of the Software for Its Cannabis HPLC Analyzer

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CTInstruments Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of a cloud-hosted multi-user version of the software used for its cannabis HPLC analyzer.

This allows our customers to host their data on a cloud server and process the data as well as generate reports from multiple computers. Cloud data storage provides additional security and data backup, as well as is open to further automation using services, such as Power Automate or Zapier.

You can learn more about our cannabis HPLC analyzer used for testing cannabinoids and terpenes from our website cannabistestingsimplified.com.

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CTInstruments Ltd. is an award-winning manufacturer of HPLC instruments predominantly used by cannabis growers, processors, extractors, commercial labs, universities, and research organizations around the globe. We pride in innovation, reliability, simplicity, and affordability. We are here to replace established testing instruments manufacturers by offering innovative instruments anyone can use even at home at the same level of accuracy and detection limits.