CRATIV Earth Our Planet, Our Home, Our Responsibility

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CRATIV Packaging has committed to manufacturing only plant-based and accelerated degradation products, while honoring our commitment to reduce and discontinue traditional plastic manufacturing.

CRATIV Solutions, Inc, a pioneer in sustainable, child-resistant packaging, is proud to announce the launch of our USDA Certified BioPreferred packaging. The new earth-friendly packaging is designed and manufactured in North America using a proprietary blend of renewable, plant-based materials to meet the exacting standards of the cannabis, THC, CBD and hemp markets.

“Products from CRATIV Solutions, Inc. are contributing to an ever-expanding marketplace that adds value to renewable agriculture commodities, creates jobs in rural communities, and decreases our reliance on petroleum.” Said Vernell Thompson, USDA Biopreferred Program Analyst.

CRATIV PB (Plant Based) packaging standard offerings will be in black, white and natural colors, while offering the availability for direct printing and custom color options to enable flexible branding solutions. The new PB line has been engineered to enable pre-roll, edible, and flower producers to find the perfect aesthetic and configuration to bring their products to market in a more sustainable packaging format.

“CRATIV Earth” is our mission, and we consider it our responsibility to be environmentally friendly with our actions and products. Our motto is “Our Planet, Our Home, Our Responsibility”. We take our responsibility seriously and are continuously sourcing innovative materials and processes which will reduce the burden of plastic generated by marijuana packaging”, said CEO and founder Bill Ludlow. “Our interests are in partnering with our customers to drive and take action with environmentally focused packaging rather than simply talk about what “could be” for the industry.”

CRATIV is committed to our environment and to the sustainable packaging movement. Our team of engineers and product developers work tirelessly to create sustainable packaging that will drive the future of what packaging can mean to our home and our environment.

Plant-based products from CRATIV Packaging are available for order now. All products meet national CFR and ISO child safety requirements, while maintaining USDA-BioPreferred certification and meeting FDA standards for food-grade products.

About CRATIV Solutions Inc.

CRATIV Solutions Inc. (DBA CRATIV Packaging), headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA, provides total premium packaging solutions and services. A full-service packaging company working together with our partners to deliver a high quality, environmentally responsible and child resistant packaging solution. CRATIV prides itself as an innovative team willing to go the extra mile to operate as Champions for Cannabis, partnering with our customers to innovate various packaging needs to meet the needs of the industry while supporting and leading productivity and sustainability initiatives. It is the action behind our words which defines us.

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