CannaQuality Develops a DIY Cannabis Test Kit for Growers and Cultivators

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CannaQuality LLC, of Ottsville Pennsylvania, has developed a do-it-yourself test kit that allows growers and cultivators to screen their own cannabis in-house for microbiological contaminants before their product is tested by a state lab.

Expert microbiologist, Robert Westney, states that finding unacceptable amounts of contaminants such as molds and coliforms early in the processing stage can save a business thousands of dollars in lost production.

The do-it-yourself kit is easy to use and includes 3 testing principles:

  1. Aerobic Count
  2. Yeast and Mold Count
  3. Enterobacteriaceae Count

What makes the entire process unique is with each kit, CannaQuality provides not only a comprehensive report of your test results, but if unacceptable amounts of contaminants are found, you can also receive a FREE 30-minute consult with their expert microbiologist who has over 30 years experience in pharmaceutical contamination testing and controls.

CannaQuality LLC

The most common microbiological contaminants are molds and coliforms. Often, a cannabis producer only finds out that their product is contaminated after their state’s approved laboratory reports it. We can save you money by screening for contamination before your state’s laboratory testing! CannaQuality offers do-it-yourself in-house microbiological Test Kits for your cannabis products that can be done in 5 EASY STEPS!

Your test results will be interpreted for FREE by CannaQuality’s Expert Microbiologist, who has over 30 years of experience. In addition, if our Expert Microbiologist determines that your cannabis product may have a contamination issue, your Test Kit includes a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss the issue.

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